The day has arrived - the eBook version of Finding Mojovation is now available for purchase on Leanpub! 🎉

There’ll already be plenty of marketing material out there on the web by the time that you read this - maybe this is even the first blog post that you’re reading since purchasing the book (in which case, hello!) - so this post is going to be slightly bigger-picture.

Regular readers will be familiar with my journalistic credentials and my love of writing, which stretches back to being in primary school. Whenever we were given assignments such as “write a story covering one side of A5 paper”, I’d frequently fill multiple pages, sometimes with recurring characters and plots. I became so renowned for it that one of my teachers took a particularly lengthy story that I’d written - it was tangentially related to Robin Hood, as I remember, probably meaning that I wrote it around the 1991 launch of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - and after asking me to type it up, proceeded to bind it and add it to the “real” books in our school library.

It’s a moment that I’ve been longing to recapture, and with Finding Mojovation, it’s one step closer. I’m awaiting feedback and thoughts from my first batch of readers, to make sure that there’s nothing glaringly obvious that I’ve missed, but within the next couple of weeks I’ll be pushing the big button which converts the book to both paperback and Kindle format. Excitingly for me, with my background in podcasting, I’ll also be going into a studio to record the audiobook version for release on Audible; depending on how all of the above goes, these should all see the light of day by the end of October.

And then it’ll be on to the next project! Anyone who browses the copious footnotes in the book might spot that I’ve teased a couple of additional Mojovation titles (hopefully both coming to fruition in 2024), but I’m planning to dabble in fiction writing for a bit first, starting with finally taking part in NaNoWriMo after so many years of forgetting to plan anything in advance.

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Key takeaways 📝

  • Finding Mojovation is out now on Leanpub.
  • Paperback, Kindle and Audible versions should follow by the end of October.
  • Stay tuned for more Mojovation books in 2024!