At the end of 2022, I made a bold announcement in my end-of-year review that I would be releasing a book this year, in the same vein as the posts that I’ve been sharing on this site for the past year. As some of you are no doubt aware, life got in the way a bit - but things are now very much on-track, with a title, a release date and a pre-order page! 🎉

Introducing: Finding Mojovation

👉 Preview/preorder Finding Mojovation on Leanpub

It seems fair to describe this book as “twenty years in the making”, given I’ve yet to fully put my university journalistic qualifications into print, and given that Finding Mojovation is a book which discusses the future of work by reflecting on experiences (good and bad) from my past two decades in software development.

If you’ve read some of the blog posts on this site previously, you’ll have a good idea of the vibe. The book is split into two distinct parts:

  • Part 1 (tentative title: “The World of Work”) focuses on the ways in which are working environments have changed, and how their systems are often set up to fail us as individuals. We’ll discuss some of the ways that we (as both ICs and managers) can help to improve the situation, and how we can help to create a better working environment for ourselves and our colleagues.
  • Part 2 (tentative title: “Reclaim Your Mojovation”) is more focused on how we can each thrive in our own way, by creating opportunities for happiness and a sense of fulfilment. We’ll discuss how to find your own mojovation, and how to use it to create a better working life for yourself.

I’m undertaking an intensive writing process to get this book onto your shelves and screens; I’m currently on a five-day writing retreat during which I’m aiming to finish a first draft of Part 1, at the very least.

I’m publishing on Leanpub, which gives me the flexibility to release (and revise) the book in stages. This also means that I’m actively looking for reviewers and feedback, with free/discounted copies of the book available for collaborators.

The eBook should launch by the end of September, with a print version to follow not long afterwards (I hope; this mostly depends on how seamless Leanpub’s Amazon publishing integration process turns out to be.) It’s an exciting adventure for me, and I’m hoping it’s one that you’ll benefit from too.

Even if you don’t purchase the book yourself, I’d be grateful if you could use the “Register Your Interest” form on the Leanpub page, as this expression of interest can be very helpful in encouraging others to take a look at the book.

Finding Mojovation

Key takeaways 📝

  • The eBook version of Finding Mojovation is available for preorder on Leanpub.
  • A print version will follow later in the autumn.
  • If you’d like to help with reviews or proof-reading of content, please get in touch!