Our Mission

Agile software development is undeniably a dynamic, exciting working environment. But when we’re building teams and delivering projects, our focus tends to be on deliverables (“When can we ship it?”) and metrics (“How can we deliver more work faster?”)

What tends to get left by the wayside is the people (so often referred to coldly as our “resources”). As we deliver sprint after sprint of work - or, when teams are stretched, sometimes asking people to split themselves across multiple teams simultaneously - the human cost is frequently ignored. Stress, exhaustion, burnout and depression are a constant risk factor, and yet team members constantly defer lunch breaks and holidays, as there’s always “just one more critical thing” which needs to be completed first.

At Mojovation Consulting, we want to help individuals and organisations to excel at agile development, but to show care and respect for themselves and their colleagues along the way. By enabling people to be their authentic selves in the workplace, and to recognise and celebrate their diversity, you can ensure that your high-performing teams are also sustainable and flourishing.

Neil Studd

“My advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience.” - Baz Luhrmann

In almost 20 years of working with agile teams, Neil Studd has worn many hats. He specialises in quality practices, agile coaching and management. Throughout this time, he has practised an empathetic and humanist approach to building and leading teams, and working with senior managers to ensure that the needs of individuals are being met. He is a Barefoot Coaching certified coach, a Certified Scrum Master, a qualified Mental Health First Aider, and a published author.

Before discovering a joy for testing, Neil was a journalism graduate, and he still displays this passion through a variety of media enterprises. Since 2017, he’s hosted the Testers’ Island Discs podcast, a monthly show where he interviews personalities from the testing industry about their careers, specialisms and musical tastes. He also co-hosts the Tech Team Weekly show on YouTube, discussing the latest in UK technology news and how it affects our working lives.

Neil has given a variety of talks and workshops at meetups and conferences around the world, including TestBash Philadelphia and Brighton, and the Nordic Testing Days conference in Tallinn. In pandemic times, he launched a YouTube series entitled Let’s Explore!, an unscripted series which aims to demystify some of the day-to-day activities of engineers and testers, by taking a “trial and error” approach to coding challenges.

Neil is a keen Peloton enthusiast, a curator of Spotify playlists, and environmentalist. In partnership with Ecologi, Neil has so far planted 478 trees, and offset 22.33 tonnes of carbon. (That’s the equivalent of 17 long-haul flights, or 55,401 miles driven in a car, or saving 67m2 of sea ice.) 🌳

What we can do for you

Austin Powers has lost his mojo.

Maybe you’re somebody who’s trying to advance their career, or recapture the passion that made them set out on their career in the first place. Maybe you’re a manager, team leader or executive who’s trying to help their squads to find their identity. There are a variety of ways in which we can work with you to help with this:

  • Development strategy, including agile and scrum process improvement
  • Career development roadmapping and mentoring (for individuals and teams)
  • Advice for your job search, including building the perfect CV
  • Confidential discussions around mental health (Neil is MHFA certified)
  • Or let’s just have a cuppa and talk through your workplace challenges! 🍵

You can find more specifics about our packages by visiting our Services page.

Find out more

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Key takeaways 📝

  • We want to help agile teams to grow and succeed, by encouraging them to be themselves.
  • We want to help managers to support their team, through empathy and openness.
  • We want to help individuals to advance their careers, and discover what matters most to them.